Featuring settings from different planets of our vast universe, FRUITS OF FEDERI is a project of animals, fruits and vegetables with a touch of earth colors, as well as black-white art of alien animal-villages. All the artworks are unique and hand-drawn. 

February 2022


We all appreciate funny animal videos on YouTube, a strange monkey in a local zoo or a wildlife documentary on National Geographic. Yet animals are much more than objects to entertain us in our free time, each of them has their own world in which they interact with other animals and their surroundings, their dreams and feelings; they love, suffer and try to make the most of their life just like we do.

On other planets or even here on Earth but in a different dimension animals may find themselves even more connected to their natural habitat in ways we can only imagine in our dreams, given that we remember those dreams when we wake up in the morning.

As a graphic designer and artist, I sometimes grab a pen, a sheet of paper or wood, and let my hand bring those daydreams and ideas to life in what I called Fruits of Federi – a hand-drawn fiction artwork series that celebrates the animal and plant world in its surreal beauty of limitless possibilities that may exist, existed or will exist somewhere in our universe. And if it helps us even a tiny bit genuinely appreciate animals and the environment more, then we’ll have better chances of not destroying our absolutely amazing (and still forgiving all our atrocities) our home Earth.

Join me on this journey by exploring this growing collection of unique handmade artwork, look for your favorite or least favorite animals and plants, look for Easter eggs, let your imagination dive into the details of this black-white and colored art, share what you like, let me know your thoughts on this.


You can also get a full ownership of this artwork in the form of NFT, to which Fruits of Federi is converted to give those animals a new life in the digital world. NFTs are an investment and quality, handmade NFT artwork with purpose is a quality investment. I’m making it even more interesting by offering additional exclusive benefits to my NFT holders, including regular free giveaways, rights to commercial usage and other. Just jump on the Fruits of Federi train made of plants and hold onto its wooden handrail, because you are up for a ride!


The Fruits of Federi project is more than just art, it extends to caring about animals and nature in real world by supporting a local animal shelter and coastline plastic collection activities in western Japan. Contact me to learn more.


My goal is not to draw or list all animals on this planet (and other planets), there are plenty of encyclopedias for this. I’d rather create and share with you some featured animals and plants in unconventional yet meaningful fictional scenes. Every 2 months I’m launching a new collection on a featured topic to become a part of Fruit of Federi’s semi-fictional universe.


February 2, 2022: Animals and Plants, Hypnotic Dream Patterns

April 2, 2022: Once Upon A Time At Safari

June 2, 2022: Unnamed collection

August 2, 2022: Unnamed collection

October 2, 2022: Unnamed collection

December 2, 2022: Unnamed collection

December 31, 2022: Unnamed season-special collection


  • Priority in regular NFT giveaway campaigns

  • Commercial rights to purchased NFT art

  • and more