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Born in Milan, Italy, since adolescence I was fascinated by cover illustrations of music bands of the 80’s, as well as their music. They were my initial passion and inspiration for both visual and musical art that later transformed
into 20+ years of my beloved professional career.

After studying art and graphic design in Milan and working in Italy, I then took my experience to Austria,
working for years for various graphic agencies in Innsbruck and Vienna.

I then moved to Hong Kong spending years with a design company that helped me further expand creativity into other fields, from traditional graphics to industrial design by creating product designs, packaging and branding of various products for global firms. This work placed a special emphasis on the American market and allowed for close
collaboration with such companies as Walmart, Target, etc.

Currently residing in the meadows of western Japan with my own studio, continuing the work on industrial design and branding, as well as exploring new horizons with fashion design, both hand drawn and digital illustration art, oil painting, animation and electronic music. Deeply fascinated about nature, which is often reflected in my artwork.